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There's no wind on earth stronger than the wind inside a tornado. Hurricanes make it only halfway up the tornado scale ... [more]


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Unless you have permission or it is a true emergency, jumping from a plane or dropping an object from a plane is illegal in Vermont. [more Trivial matters]


Q. What cheese is made backwards?

A. Edam

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Q. How do you count cows?

A. With a cowculator.

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Quotation of the day

To attract men, I wear a perfume called "New Car Interior." - Rita Rudner


Old mathematicians never die.They simply count for less. -Mike Stevens, narrowboat "Felis Catus II"

(or if you prefer, "wit")

Old grammarians never die,they simply parse away. -Mike Stevens, narrowboat "Felis Catus II"

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[more quotations]

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Tout homme qui descend au fond d'un puids et regarde le ciel le trouvera petit. -African proverb

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